How to be… Made redundant

When one door closes another door opens… that’s what they say! How to be online blog is taking a little rest, as the business rebrands into This blog was started when I got made redundant. Since then I have been ‘ pivoting’ through my options, ideas and shaping my ideal work life. Another Door

How to be… Eva Ingleson, Communications Interim

“I manage to pay the bills and fed my horse and holiday habit by offering (and charging for of course!) my services to organisations when they need additional support to help their employees understand what is happening in the business they work for and what it means for them”. Eva, on being an interim Eva

How to be… A creature of (tiny) habits

“Emotions create habits, the stronger you feel a positive emotion from the tiny habit, the more you’ll do it again and add to it” Mike Coulter I have never been much good at sticking to a good habit – regular running, yoga, cooking healthy meals, drinking enough water; will definitely start it all tomorrow. So

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